Server Status

Manic Survival is no longer in operation Season 9 (1.17.1) was our final season.
We have been running a Survival Manic server from 2013 to 2021!
A BIG thank you to you all for making our Minecraft community both safe and fun!

Manic Modded UHC
We do still have our whitelisted Modded UHC server, only one life, no natural health regen!!
To play there, ask Krow to add you to the whitelist in Discord.

Why not give 'World of Warcraft Classic' a try on our free to play WoW Classic server.
This is something we're doing just for nostalgia (started on 24-Feb-2022) - it may or may not last.
Click the logo above for more info.

To keep up with the latest MANIC news, join our DISCORD server

We have an 'in-game chat' channel which enables all our players to talk to each
other regardless as to which server they are playing on.. or even if they aren't
playing and just want to say "Hi" using discord itself!

Check out some of our previous builds